Hard to believe how many months have passed by since I late updated Material Truth. While I still put a lot of effort into researching information online and from alternative media, I no longer have the time to dedicate to this site that I did last year. In addition to a new job, during the past months I have been spending an increasing amount of my time attending protests, demonstrations, conferences, forums, documentary screenings and other events related to my activism and the issues I find most important.

Many of these issues are the same ones I had been posting about on Material Truth, especially the following: drone strikes; the NDAA/indefinite detention; Guantanamo/torture; abuses by the US military/private contractors; GMOs/Monsanto; fracking; Fukushima/nuclear; indigenous peoples’ rights; militarization of domestic police/police brutality; criminalization of dissent and peaceful protest – both overseas and in the US; the Israeli apartheid state/occupation Palestine; US imperialism; the surveillance state; oppression in Bahrain and the other Gulf states; the prison industry; racism; Islamophobia; and the historical past of the US that isn’t commonly addressed by schools or the mainstream media.

Here is an interview I taped in late September for a local public access TV show, made possible by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, one of the organizations I am a member of.


I still have hopes and ideas for Material Truth. I have not decided what direction I would like to take the site in, but I have enjoyed working on it in the past and plan on continuing it in the not-so-distant future.


In the meantime, please use the “Search” bar to find articles in the Archived posts that are of particular interest to you. There’s some pretty interesting stuff in there.

I have also made a Facebook page for Material Truth that you can “like” – link here. I usually post a couple articles every day. I also post articles and discuss activism on Twitter, if you would like follow me @mari_matsuo

In peace and justice,

– Mari


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