Today’s News Links: 03-07-13

Op-Ed: Bradley Manning Served Democracy Far Better Than the Generals Who Want Him Sent to Jail

From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington’s Man Behind Brutal Police Squads

Op-Ed: Obama Promised to Close Guantanamo. Instead, He’s Made it Worse.

Archive: Marlon Brando Refuses to Accept Oscar [This statement was written by Marlon Brando for delivery at the Academy Awards ceremony where Mr. Brando refused an Oscar for ‘The Godfather’ to protest the negative portrayal of Native Americans in films, as well as their horrific treatment at the hands of the US government]

Desmond Tutu: Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eradicated, for All Our Sakes

Op-Ed: Drones are Coming Home to Skies Near You – Feel Safer? 

Alice Walker: “The Good Ones, for Hugo Chavez, Presente”

Hugo Chavez Dies of Cancer

World Leaders React to Chavez Death

ACLU on the Militarizing of Police in America

Advertising Campaigns Target AIPAC and US Aid to Israel Across Washington DC

2 Afghan Boys Accidentally Killed by NATO Helicopter

6 Tibetans in Gansu Sentenced After Protecting Body of Self-Immolator

Archive: Editorial – Hugo Chavez Gives Heating Aid to US Poor Following Obama Budget Cuts

Ethiopia’s ‘Jihadi’ Film and its Boomerang Effects

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