Today’s News Links: 04-26-12

Petition: Tell President Obama and Congress to Oppose “Signature” Drone Strikes

White House Approves Broader Yemen Drone Campaign

Obama Escalates in Yemen – Again

A History of the World – BRIC by BRIC

Divestment Will Help Ease Palestinian Suffering

Top 10 Reasons Israel Tried to Censor Bob Simon’s Report on Palestinian Christians

UN Plans Aid For 1 Million Syrians 

The Children of Fallujah

Joseph McCarthy, Reborn

The Killing of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas

The Hospital of Horrors

Pink Slime and Mad Cow Disease: Coming Soon to a Burger Near You

Washington Bets on the Gulf Royals

Counter-Revolution – The Next Deadly Chapter

Activists to Challenge Obama on Human Costs of CIA Drone Strikes

Carlos Montes: Never Stop Fighting

Cambodia: Police Shoot, Kill, Leading Anti-Logging Campaigner

Beyond Breivik, Hate in Europe is On the Rise

Obama Justice and Medical Marijuana

Amnesty Int’l: Charles Taylor Verdict Sends Message That No-one is Above the Law

Does Religion Really Matter? Time to End Profiling

Human Rights First Awards Prestigious Medal of Liberty to Bahrain Center for Human Rights

Secret Service Investigating Reports of a Second Prostitution Scandal

Philippines-China Standoff Could Spin Out of Hand

Judge Warns Prosecutors in WikiLeaks/Manning Case

Europe’s Austerity Recession

Burkina Faso: Insufficient/Inadequate Support for 46,000 Malian Refugees

Corporate Giving That Gives Up on Attempted Appearance of Bipartisanship

A Remarkable Week for Corporate Crime

Former President of Maldives Calls for International Sanctions

Ocean Acidification – A Global Problem

‘Agent Orange’ Corn Sparks Public Outcry

How Obama Became a Civil Libertarian’s Worst Nightmare

How a Group of Japanese Mothers are Saying ‘No’ to Nuclear Power

West African Bloc ECOWAS to Send Troops to Mali, Guinea-Bissau

What is E-Waste?

Pakistan PM Faces Calls to Resign After Avoiding Jail for Contempt

Serbia: Hundreds Face Uncertainty After Belvil Evictions

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