Today’s News Links: 02-29-12

Petition: Tell FDA: We Have the Right to Know About Genetically Engineered Produce

Petition to Obama: Tell the FDA to Cut Ties to Monsato

Amnesty Petition: Release UK Man Held Without Charge at Guantanamo for 10  Years

WikiLeaks Exposes Dept. of Homeland Security Spying on Occupy Movement

Lessons from Fukushima: The True Cause of the Meltdown

Oligarchy in the US

Military Strikes Not the Answer in Syria

Central Asia: Waiting for the ‘Spring’?

Sinoloa Cartel New Caribbean Routes Centered Around Dominican Republic

C. Wright Mills Would Have Loved ‘Occupy Wallstreet’

Short Film: ‘Raids in the Rainforest – the Fight for the Amazon’

Amnesty International Calls for End to Attacks on Journalists in Somalia

Solitary Confinement: A Replication of Domestic Torture in the Age of Terror

Lawsuit Takes Aim at CIA’s “Covert” Attack on Transparency

Why the US Won’t Cut Military Aid to Egypt

Battle Against NDAA Crosses Party Lines

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