Today’s News Links: 02-24-13

Obama Officials Refuse to Say If Assassination Power Extends to US Soil

Editorial: Bradley Manning Incarcerated Without Trial – One Thousand Days Too Many

Video Clip: ‘Collateral Murder’ [the video that cost Bradley Manning his freedom]

Video Clip: Targeting Journalists

Video Interview: “Peace Now” – Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace Talks with Activist Joe Lombardo

Asian Pivot, African Target

Video Clip: The UN and Cholera in Haiti – Victimizing the Victims?

Can a President Use Drones Against Journalists?

Scenes from a Bahraini Burial

Report from the International Federation for Human Rights: Bahrain Activist Nabeel Rajab Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Advocating and Exercising Right to Peaceful Assembly

Video Clip – Breaking the Set: Mini Assassin Drones; Citizens United on Steroids; Bahrain Crackdown; Interrogating Immigrants

Israeli Soldier Posts Disturbing Instagram Photo of a Child in the Crosshairs of His Rifle

Young Palestinian Father Dies After Israeli Interrogation in G4S-Equipped Prison

Israel Demands Palestinian Leaders Quell Unrest After Prisoner Death

Afghan Government Accuses US Special Forces of Civilian Death and Torture

Killer Robots Must be Stopped, Say Campaigners

Op-Ed: Jim Crow in Palestine: Parallels Between US and Israeli Racism

Op-Ed: Big Pharma’s Excuse for the Monopolies on Medicine Won’t Wash 

Op-Ed: Jim Crow Isn’t Dead, He Just Got Lawyers

Mass Protests Erupt Across Bulgaria

Interview with Annie Machon: ‘Banning Porn is a Slippery Slope to More Surveillance in Iceland’

Meet 6 Politicians Getting Rich from America’s Endless Wars

Editorial: Deranging America

Today’s News Links: 02-22-13

Bradley Manning: 1,000 Days in Detention and Secrecy Still Reigns

Why Latin America Didn’t Join Washington’s Counter-terrorism Posse

Amy Goodman: The Israel-Palestine Drama Will Play Out at the Oscars

Racism, Torture and Impunity on Death Row

Death Row Prisoner Larry Swearingen May Be Innocent. Do Texas Courts Care?

Georgia Rushes to Carry Out Executions Before Lethal Drug Supply Expires

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

In the War on Terror, Assumed Guilty Until Extradition

In Niger, US Troops Set Up Drone Base

Oscars-Bound Palestinian Film-Maker Describes ‘Unpleasant’ LAX Detention

Op-Ed: Barack Obama and His Enabling Opposition

License-Plate Recognition Has Its Eyes on You

White House Targets WikiLeaks and LulzSec in Cyber-Espionage Report

Today’s News Links: 02-20-13

A Repeating History of Indefinite Detention

Pop Quiz on US Politics: Guess the Speaker

Video Clip: Democracy Now! Interview w/ Daniel Ellsberg, Jacob Applebaum on NDAA, Wiklieaks, and Unconstitutional Surveillance

Chris Hedges: Profiting from Human Misery

Glenn Greenwald: MSNBC Boldly Moves to Plug Its One Remaining Hole

Obama Targeted Killing Document: If We Do It, It’s Not Illegal

Software That Tracks People on Social Media Created by Defense Firm

Clashes Between Greek Police and Anti-Austerity Protestors

Thousands Rally Against Austerity in Greece

Human Rights Watch: Israel/Palestine – New Abuses, No Justice

Thousands Protest ‘Israeli Occupation Prisons’ as Hunger Strikers Press On

Monsanto: All Your Seeds Are Belong to Us

Poland to Drop Charges in CIA Secret Prison Investigation

FAA Seeks Proposals for 6 Sites to Test Drones Over US Skies, Outlines Plan to Protect Privacy

California County Inching Toward Drone Deployal?

40 Cities Around the Globe Set to Protest 1,000th Day of Bradley Manning’s Imprisonment

Today’s News Links: 02-18-13

Glenn Greenwald: The Premises and Purposes of American Exceptionalism

Outrage as UK Military Academy Renames Hall After Bahraini King

Gene Monopoly: Australian Court Rules in Favor of Genetic Patenting

Double Standard: UK Exports Arms to Sri Lanka Despite Widespread Rights Violations

Feds to Open New Supermax Prison at ‘Gitmo North’

Fukushima Kids Have Skyrocketing Number of Thyroid Abnormalities

Japanese Labor Unions Feel Pain of New Era

Iberia Strike to Ground Hundreds of Flights

Hugo Chavez Returns Home to Venezuela

Op-Ed: Race and Slavery – A Look at ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Django Unchained’

Op-Ed: Welcome to the New CNN, the Tabloid of TV News

Today’s News Links: 02-17-13

Matt Taibbi: At Least We’re Not Measles – Rationalizing Drone Attacks Hits New Low

‘America Doesn’t Torture’ – It Kills

A Secret CIA Drone Base, a Blowback World, and Why Washington Has No Learning Curve

Op-Ed: The Justice and Security Bill is a Chilling Affront to British Justice

February 15, 2003: The Day the World Said ‘No’ to War 

Editorial: Racism and the Hypocrisy of Israel’s Advocates

Secret Funding Helped Build Vast Network of Climate Denial Thinktanks

Homeland Security Approves Their Right to Search and Seize Your Electronics Without Suspicion

Human Rights First: 9/11 Hearings Continue to Disappoint

ACLU: New York Prisons – A Human Rights Crisis in Our Own Backyard

The Marijuana Fight Comes to Congress [Again]

Pentagon Inks Deal for Smartphone Tool That Scans Your Eyes, Face, Thumbs

Today’s News Links: 02-16-13

Video Clip: ‘Breaking the Set’ – US False Flags; Meteor Impact; Hagel Controversy; Anti-war Movement Dead?

Op-Ed: It’s Just Shocking What the Drone War Cheerleaders are Willing to Say Out Loud

Pakistan Blast Targets Quetta’s Shi’a Minority

100th Self-Immolation Reported Inside Tibet

Will the Keystone XL Pipeline Go Down?

Editorial: Lest We Forget, Ten Years Ago Anti-Iraq War Protestors Were Right

Editorial: Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won’t Sell Oil to the Kochs

Today’s News Links: 02-15-13

Documentary: Taxi to the Dark Side [ warning: graphic content ]

Archive: In US Reports, Brutal Details of 2 Afghan Inmates’ Deaths

Obama, the US, and the Muslim World: The Animosity Deepens

Bahrain: Silencing the Voice of the Voiceless

Obama DOJ Again Refuses to Tell a Court Whether CIA Drone Program Even Exists

New York Town Bans Fracking Discussions

Israel Confirms ‘Prisoner X’s’ Suicide in Secret Custody Amid Censorship Claims

Video Clip: The Politics of Food in the United States

US: The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics

Op-Ed: ‘Trust Me’ is Not Enough on Drone Warfare

Op-Ed: Chuck Hagel’s Confirmation and the Orthodoxy of US Debate on Israel

Why Americans are Saying ‘No’ to Domestic Drones

Today’s News Links: 02-13-13

Report from the Open Society Foundation: Globalizing Torture – CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition

Report from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights: 2 Years of Deaths and Detentions

Document: Dept. of Justice ‘White Paper’ Re: Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a US Citizen who is a Senior Operational Leader of al-Qa’ida or an Associated Force

Italy’s Ex-Intelligence Chief Given 10-Year Sentence for Role in CIA Kidnapping

Senator Bernie Sanders: A Choice for Corporate America – Are You With America or the Cayman Islands?

Hilary’s Bloody Legacy: Militarizing the State Department 

Iraqi Government Hires the Podesta Group to Lobby for it in DC

Op-Ed: Black Pride in Obama Shouldn’t Silence Dissent on Drone Policy

Do GMO Crops Really Have Higher Yields?

Is Your Town on the FAA’s New Drone List?

NATO Airstrike Kills Civilians in Eastern Afghanistan, Officials Say

Amnesty International: Bahrain – Still Paying a Heavy Price for Freedom

NYPD Officer Who Sexually Assaulted Teacher Beats Rape Conviction

Dietary Supplements Show Promise for Treating Depression: Tryptophan, St. John’s Wort and More

The Hubris of Drones

Today’s News Links: 02-12-13

Documentary: Crips and Bloods – Made in America

Chris Hedges: The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State

John Pilger: The Real Invasion of Africa and Other Not-Made-for-Hollywood Holy Wars

Glenn Greenwald: DOJ Kill List Memo Forces Many Dems Out of the Closet as Overtly Unprincipled Hacks 

The Shooting Gallery: Obama and the Vanishing Point of Democracy

Sexularism and the Female Body

A Good Use of Heartbeats: An Interview with First Nations Activist Caleb Behn

Mark Ruffalo: Governor Cuomo – Not One Well!

Op-Ed: Barack Obama is Pushing Gun Control at Home, But He’s a Killer Abroad

 Seattle Mayor Forces Police to Abandon Spy Drone Program

Human Rights Watch: Israel – Gaza Airstrikes Violated Laws of War

Human Rights Watch: India – Reject New Sexual Violence Ordinance

KKK Promises Largest Rally in History of Memphis After Confederate Parks are Renamed

Editorial: Times was Right to Report -at Last – on a Secret Drone Base

Software that Tracks Your Every Move and Predicts Future Behavior Draws Heat

William Blum: Afghanistan – Manufacturing the American Legacy

Cop-on-Cop Crime in LA: American Blowback

LA Residents to Police: Don’t Shoot, We’re Not Dorner

On Mass Incarceration: Say It, Mr. President

Today’s News Links: 02-09-13

US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets

John Brennan and John Kiriakou: How to Get Ahead in the CIA, and How Not To

More Than 50 Countries Helped the CIA Outsource Torture 

Naomi Wolf: JSOC – Obama’s Secret Assassins

US Air Force Veteran, Finally Allowed to Fly into US, Now Banned from Flying Back Home

NYC Officials Threaten Funding of Brooklyn College Over Israel Event

Paying the Bin Laden Tax: The American Lockdown State

David Cole: How We Made Killing Easy

Living in a Constitution-Free Zone: Drones, Surveillance Towers, and the National Security Police on the Northern Border

Editorial: How Tony Blair and Iraq Robbed a Generation of Their Faith in Politics

John Cusack: Freedom of the Press Foundation – Updates from Our Front

Op-Ed: To Kill an American

Obama’s Extreme Anti-Terror Tactics Face Liberal Backlash

Stateless in the Age of Islamophobia

NYPD Muslim Spying Operation Takes ‘Security’ to an Unjustified Extreme 

Human Rights Watch – DR Congo: War Crimes by M23, Congolese Army

Bahrain Dialogue Plan Unlikely to Curb Ongoing Crisis

Editorial: How I Got the Flame Retardant Out of My Gatorade

Human Rights Watch – Qatar: Promises, Little Action on Migrant Workers’ Rights