Today’s News Links: 03-10-13

Glenn Greenwald: 3 Democratic Myths Used to Demean the Paul Filibuster

Amy Goodman: America is Shamed That Only Rand Paul is Talking About Drone Executions

Archive – Video Clip: Democracy Now Interviews Ramona Africa on the 25-Year Anniversary of the Philadelphia Police Bombing of MOVE

Archive – MOVE Bombing Still Leaves Philadelphia Scarred

How the US Smuggled its ‘Dirty War’ Policy to Iraq – with Fatal Consequences

Agent Smuggles Fake Bomb Past TSA Security at Newark Airport

International Women’s Day: Bahraini Women Imprisoned, Tortured, Killed, Stripped of Nationality

Interview: Teju Cole on the ‘Empathy Gap’ and Tweeting Drone Strikes

Tokyo Stages Mass Anti-Nuclear Rally

Op-Ed: The Submissive, Indifferent Democrats

US Stalling Could Force Acceptance of Onerous TPP

UN Condemns Fiji Torture Video

Video Clip: Why Did the US Government and Big Oil Hate Chavez?

Nepal Jails Tibetans on Uprising Anniversary

Spain: Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets in Protest of Unemployment, Economic Scandals

When Will Justice Be Served in Bahrain?

Editorial: The Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific

US Air Force Scrubs Drone Strike Data from Reports

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