Today’s News Links: 02-28-13

Archive Video Clip: Brief Speech by Dahlia Wasfi -“No Justice No Peace” 

Is the US Maintaining Death Squads and Torture Militias in Afghanistan?

Bradley Manning Plea Statement: Americans Had a Right to Know True Cost of War”

Archive: Russell Means Speech – “In Order for America to Live, Europe Must Die” [transcript]

The Hidden History of Water Torture

When Can Your Government Kill You?

How Neocons Messed Up the MidEast

Video Clip: Whistle-blower John Kiriakou Trashes Obama’s Nominee for CIA Director John Brennan

Chris Hedges: Rebels Stand Alone

Deepwater Trial: US Lawyers Say BP Ignored Warnings on ‘Well from Hell’

Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson: How the Bush Administration Sold the Iraq War – and We Bought It

Op-Ed: ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ the CIA, and Film Critics Have a Very Bad Evening

Drugs, War, and Occupation

Video Clip – The Daily Show: Merge Overkill

Truth-digger of the Week: Alexa O’Brien

Amnesty International: Japan Hangs 3 in First Executions Under ‘Merciless’ Abe Government

Editorial: We Could All End Up Like Bradley Manning

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