Today’s News Links: 06-02-12, 06-03-12, 06-04-12

The High Price of Dark Fusion

NATO Summit Highlights Similarities Between Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals

The White Savior Industrial Complex

Jeremy Scahill Says Obama Drone Strikes in Yemen Constitute Murder

War on Terror: The World’s Biggest New Business [not quite my usual material, but DOES contain important info & ideas]

Another Indigenous Tribe in Danger of Execution

Never-ending Prosecution and Vendetta: The Story of Sami al-Arian

Amnesty Int’l: Egypt’s Mubarak Trial Fails to Deliver Full Justice

Germany Weighs Up Federal Europe Plan to End Debt Crisis

When It Hits the Fan, the Government’s Boots on the Ground May Be Your Neighbors

BP Sends a Chill Through the Scientific Community

Human Rights Reports and Targeted Killings

Pakistan: Documents Show ‘Bin Laden Doctor’ Jailed for Link to Fighters, Not for Aiding CIA

Chinese Silence on Tiananmen Under Scrutiny

US and China in Tianamen Anniversary Row

To China With Love From Zimbabwe 

Is Canada’s Pipeline a Pipe Dream?

US Army Adds Charge in Bales Afghan Shooting Case

Syria: The Dangers of One-Sided Reporting

Explaining Nigeria’s Energy Crisis

Closing a Loophole in the War on Terror

US Drones Attack Pakistan Targets for Third Successive Day

Syrian Rebels Kill 80 Soldiers, Opposition Claims

NY Mayor and NYPD Back Marijuana Decriminalization Proposal

Israel Turns on Its Refugees

Shifting the Burden of Proof in Malaysia

Bradley Manning Lawyer in Struggle to Get Gov’t Documents Released

Israel Asks Arab Visitors to Open Emails to Search

Video Clip: Have Egyptians Been Denied Full Justice?

10 Take-aways From the Anti-NATO Demonstrations part 1

LA Plastic Bag Ban Could Mean the End for All Plastic Bags

Tobacco Firms Accused of Thwarting Controls

Photos: Congo Fighting Enters Third Week

Pakistan and US: Allies Without Trust

The Rock-Mining Children of Sierra Leone Have Not Found Peace

Blowback and the Consequences of Obama’s Foreign Policies

Video Clip: US Elections – What Happened to Hope and Change?

Jailed Palestinians Warn of New Hunger Strikes

Kuwaiti Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for Twitter ‘Blasphemy’

Turkish Court Indicts Senior Israeli Military Officials in Murders on Gaza Flotilla

Death, Yes…But Torture? At Super-MAX

20 Years After the Earth Summit: What Does the Future Hold?

The Planet Wreckers

Video Clip: Should Israel Be Responsible for Immigrants?

Opinion: Invest in the Afghan People, NOT Foreign Contractors

MF Global Trustee: Corzine Mismanaged Firm’s Growth

Japan’s Latest Nuclear Crisis: Getting Rid of Radioactive ‘Debris’

Bombs Hit Shi’ite Site in Baghdad, 26 Killed

Obama Administration Argues No Warrant Needed for GPS Tracking of Citizens

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