Today’s News Links: 05-05-12 & 05-06-12

Text of the US – Afghanistan Agreement

Text of Obama’s Speech in Afghanistan


Petition: Tell the Whole Truth About CIA Drone Strikes

Petition: Tell the Senate to Release the Real Book on US Torture

Petition: Dear USDA, Don’t Use Monsanto-Funded Research

Petition: Dear FDA, Please Strengthen Regulations on Misuse of Antibiotics in Farm Animals

Stand for Human Rights for Indigenous Peoples: Renounce the ‘Doctrine of Discovery’

Potential Problems with the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement

Surveillance State Democracy

Meet the FBI’s Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch

Imperialism Didn’t End. These Days It’s Known as International Law

Brian Williams NBC’s Top Hagiographer

The Global Fight to End Capital Punishment

Egyptian Military Rulers Face Growing Unrest as 11 Killed in Pre-Election Protests

5 Tax Fallacies Invented by the 1%

Bahrain Arrests Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab

Fracking: A Dehydrated UK, Watered Only by Capitalism

Teargas: Or, State as Atmo-Terrorist

United States v. Jones: GPS Monitoring, Property, and Privacy

US VP Joe Biden Comfortable With Same-Sex Marriage

9/11 Suspects Refuse to Answer Judge’s Questions as Guantanamo Trial Opens

Military-Style Drones Reported on 63 Bases in US

PBS Frontline: Money, Power, and Wall Street

Wall Street’s Oil Scam

A Poet’s Pain Launches a Peace Movement in Mexico

April 2012 Drone Summit Statement

Obama’s Drone Policy Misreading International Law

NYPD Surveillance Revisited

Bahrain Arrests Main Rights Activist, Nabeel Rajab

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI

Solidarity and Realpolitik – My Response to Jeff Halper

CISPA: Keyboard Cops

Japan: Tornado Hits Ibaraki, Tochigi

Police in Moscow Arrest Top Opposition Figures

The American Way of War

Chen Guancheng Case Puts Pressure on Chinese Activists

Human Rights First: Al-Khawaja Should Be Released, Not Force-Fed

Wal-Mart: The Stench of Bentonville Stretches to Mexico – and Back

Sikh Group Launches Phone App to Report Unfair Airport Screenings

Dept. of Defense, Dept. Homeland Security Officials Keep Pressure on Congress for New Cyber Laws

Iran-UN Nuclear Talks Set for May 13-14 in Vienna

Will Israeli Dissent Halt the March Towards War?

The US Military…a Crusader Force?

How Obama Recycled the Lie About Iran

Anti-Choice Zealots Convene in Fargo, Hoping to Close State’s Only Abortion Clinic

Palestinian Hunger-Strikers Denied Access to Independent Doctors

Palestinian Hunger-Strikers in Prison Clinic

Last Call to an America in Decline

US Prosecutors Ready for ‘Long Haul’ in 9/11 Trial

Report on College Protest Crackdown Urges Changes for Police

Faulty System Leaves Millions Hungry in India

Hollande Wins French Presidency

Occupy Supporters in New York, Wisconsin, Sue Over Free Speech

Bahrain: The Stories That Aren’t Getting Covered

Life Under Constant Watch

Peru: Undermining Justice

Wireless Carriers Who Aid Police Surveillance are Asked for Details by House Democrat

The Man with Messianic Tendencies

Interview with Naomi Wolf on Occupy’s May Day Lift and the Threat of Surveillance

Republic of Fear

Watergate’s Final Mystery

Islamophobia: Europe’s New Political Disease

US Border Patrol Increases Use of Unmanned Drones for Surveillance

Ways YOU Can Support GMO Labeling Campaigns

Analysis: Greece, France Reject German-Led Austerity

The Heartland Institute Self-Destructs

TransCanada Applies for Another KeystoneXL Permit

One Year After bin Laden’s Death – Bring the Troops Home NOW

Deadly Floods Hit Western Nepal

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