Today’s News Links: 04-25-12

Petition: Shell Oil Must Own Up and Pay for Damage It Caused in the Niger Delta

The NSA is Watching You

Debating Syria

Amnesty International Urges Ghana to Meet International Prison Standards

Report: US Soldiers Promised Massacre Days Before Bales’ Alleged Rampage

Wars of Attrition

Israeli Military Chief: Iran Will Not Decide to Make Nuclear Weapons

Neo-Cons’ New Lie

Iraq’s Road Back From Oblivion

What a Difference a Day [of Iran Talks] Makes

The Dalai Lama on Peace, War, and the Aloha Spirit

Bradley Manning Trial to Begin September 21

Opinion: The Return of Tahrir?

Liberia’s Former President Charles Taylor to Face Verdict in ‘Blood Diamonds’ Trial

The Real Roots of Sexism in the Middle East [It’s Not Islam, Racism or ‘Hate’]

Jose Rodriguez – Crime Boasting for Profit

In the Fields of America’s ‘Green Prison’

West Africa Bloc to Send Troops to Coup-Hit Guinea-Bissau

Breaking Up with ALEC is Hard to Do for Johnson & Johnson

Hundred Protests at Dept. of Justice to Demand Probe of Alleged Racism in Mumia abu-Jamal Conviction

Fracking’s Best Friends

10 of Thomas Friedman’s Dumbest “Big Ideas”

What Lies Across the Water: The Story of the Cuban 5

Moving Too Fast on Cyber-Security?

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