Today’s News Links: 04-01-12

Petition: Demand Justice for Elderly Unarmed Man Slain by Westchester Police Last November

Notes from Friday’s NDAA Hearing

Welcome to the New Third World of Energy: the US

5 Challengers of the Neoliberal Jackboot

Confirmed: CIA Secret Prison in Poland

Myanmar [Burma]: Democracy Icon Wins Seat in Parliament in Historic Election

Citizens United, the Supreme Court, and Our Independent Judiciary

Greece to Open Multiple New Detention Centers for ‘Illegal Migrants’

Professors Question Cornell-Technion Partnership

UK: Police, MI5 Get Power to Watch You on the Web

Israel Shields Public from Risks of War with Iran

Guatemala, Rios Montt, and the ‘School of the Americas’

Human Rights Watch: Philippines Gov’t Must Disband Paramilitaries as Promised

Tuareg Rebels Seize Malian City of Timbuktu

Interview: Changing our Culture of Consumption

Book Review: Rachel Maddow Proposes Solutions to Decades of Military Bloat

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