Today’s News Links: 03-02-12

Human Rights Watch to UAE: Stop Revoking Residency Permits of Syrian Protestors

Human Rights Watch Report: No Justice in Bahrain

The Atlantic‘s Jeffery Goldberg Interview with President Barack Obama on Israel, Iran

Whatever Happened to the Task Force on Oil Speculation?

Busting De-forestation Myths: People as Part of a Solution

Was Israel Behind the India Car-Bomb Incident?

Rush Limbaugh’s Disgusting Attack On Women

Bahrain Delays UN Investigator, Limits Rights Groups

Amnesty: Egypt Must End Attacks on Civil Society

Amnesty: Pakistan Must Do More to Protect Religious Minorities

Interview: Tim Wise on White Resentment in a Multi-cultural Society

War Tax at the Gas Pump

African Leaders Launch ‘Super Port’ Project Near UNESCO Heritage Site

Noam Chomsky on Iran, the US, and Israel

Senator Al Franken on Privacy Rights in the Digital Age

Fukushima: One Year Later, Chaos Reigns

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